Cascadia Games is proud to announce that it has licensed the rights to create a sequel to the classic MS-DOS racing game, Wacky Wheels!

Race like it's 1994! Wacky Wheels 2015 recreates and enhances the original experience, with HD "mode 7" graphics and all new tracks inspired by the original.

PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Coming Soon!
  • 16 race tracks each with a unique theme
  • Grand prix and time trial modes
  • Wacky combat and duck hunt modes
  • Up to 4 players local and online multiplayer
  • Mirror mode
  • The original soundtrack remastered
  • HD cartoon "mode 7" art style
  • Chris Jorgensen
  • Katie Jorgensen
  • Tom Filhol
  • Matt Mitman
  • Erhan Ergenekan
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